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" CNN-Based Ti-6242 Impeller Forging Process Design for Uniform Strain Distribution    

K Kim, Y Kim, Y Ju, I Son, N Kim

Applied Sciences, 2023

" Temperature and Thermal Stress Analysis of a Hot Blast Stove with an Internal Combustion Chamber    

D Park, F Guo, J Choi, J Park, N Kim

Processes, 2023

" Design and Implementation of a Remote Monitoring System of Mold Cavity using Eject pin in High-Pressure Die casting   

S Lee, D Han, N Kim

International journal of cast metal research, 2023

" Method of predicting shrinkage defects and deriving process conditions in HPDC (high-pressure die-casting) for electric vehicle motor housings  

S Lee, D Han, S Kang, N Kim

International journal of metalcasting, 2023

" A Methodology to Predict the Fatigue Life under Multi-Axial Loading of Carbon Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Composites Considering Anisotropic Mechanical Behavior  

J Choi, H Lee, H Lee, N Kim

Materials, 2023

" Numerical Simulation of Crack Condition in Forging Products of M50 Bearing Steel Based on Processing Map Theory  

J Park, B Han, H Kwon, N Kim

Metals, 2023

" A Geometry-Dependent Void Closure Model Considering Void Deformation and Orientation Changes during Hot Metal Formation 

J Kim, J Park, Y Kim, K Hyuk, N Kim

Journal of Manufacturing and Materials Processing, 2023

"Processing parameters optimization in hot forging of AISI 4340 steel using instability map and reinforcement learning  

HY Jeong, J Park, Y Kim, SY Shin, N Kim

Journal of Materials Research and Technology  , 2023

" Extreme Gradient Boosting-inspired process optimization algorithm for manufacturing engineering applications 

S Lee, J Park, N Kim, T Lee, L Quagliato

Materials & Design  , 2023

" Fiber Orientation and Strain Rate-Dependent Tensile and Compressive Behavior of Injection Molded Polyamide-6 Reinforced with 20% Short Carbon Fiber

J Lee, H Lee, N Kim

Polymers  , 2023

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