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Slip line model for forces estimation in the radial-axial ring rolling process

Research target: Slip line network construction algorithm development.

Research contents:

1) Numerical model implementation for ring rolling forming force estimation

2) Validation experiments for forging numerical model

Lifetime prediction of linear slide rails based on surface abrasion

and rolling contact fatigue-induced damage

Research target: Prediction lifetime of slide rails;

Calculation of the amount of wear on the slide rail contacts.

Research contents:

1) Rolling contact fatigue lifetime estimation considering damage model

2) Wear experiment using real slide rails

Numerical-empirical-based function for the assessment of the

stiffness distribution on automotive body panels

Research target: Prediction of weak point of stiffness through calculation of curvature.

Research contents:

1) Development of stiffness index model for oil canning on automotive body panels

2) Indentation experiments and verification with the numerical model

3) SI prediction simulator development

Development of Oil canning prediction method

Research target: Prediction Oil canning by FEA and impact of each variables.

Research contents:

1) Sensitivity analysis on the factors that occurs oil canning

2) Stamping and springback analyses using LS-DYNA

3) Prediction of Oil Canning Damage Value (OCDV) on a dryer frame

Development of analysis techniques to improve the cross-section

dimension of the shape rolling

Research target: Develop and modify the shape rolling simulator.

Research contents:

1) Development of GUI for the rolling process design

2) Reduction of the computational cost by developing Simplified Material Mesh System (SMMS)

3) Development of mesh modelling and remesh modules

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