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Preform design using artificial intelligence (AI)

Research target: Predict a preform design for increase of lifetime of the forging die and removal of defects of the product

Research content:

1) Preform prediction as design variables

2) Preform prediction as design object

3) Development of the smoothing algorithm for estimated preform

Design and evaluation of structural optimization

Research target: Design and evaluation of structural optimization based on lightweight and rotation constrains of vehicle seat frame used thermoplastic polymer material with inclusion of composite or metal rib insert

Research content:

1) Structural optimization based on mechanical properties of vehicle seat frame with asymmetry loading and rotation constraints

2) Design and evaluation of vehicle seat frame used thermoplastic polymer material with inclusion of composite or metal rib insert.

Anisotropic composites reliability assessment

Research target: Yield and cyclic material properties characterization for development of radiation shielding materials for nuclear decommissioning

Research content:

1) Nano metal particles-Elastomer mateiral's anisotropic mechanical properties verify

2) Development of anisotropy fatigue lifetime estimation model and verify

Development of laminate structure composites

Research target: Metal-composite multilayer technology development for lightweight vehicles manufacturing

Research content:

1) Optimization of the manufacturing process and the mechanical properties of metal skins (MS) and fiber reinforced polymer core (FRPC) structures

2) Definition of failure and fatigue criteria for the prediction of the static and cyclic failure of MS-FRPC structures

3) Definition of material-process-component processing maps for the tailoring of the material properties of the MS-FRPC structures based on the component requirements

Recycled carbon fiber cross member design

Research target: Development of an automotive engine cradle system by means of recycled and environmental-friendly carbon fiber reinforced material

Research content:

1) Investigation of the static and cyclic mechanical properties of thermoplastic polymers

2) Definition of fatigue life criteria considering stress triaxiality and stress concentration

3) Definition of the joining strength between metal and thermoplastic polymers

4) Investigation of the fiber orientation in injection molded components and the relevant influence on the mechanical properties.

Lifetime Prediction of the hot forging die

Research target: Lifetime prediction of the hot piston forging die

Research content:

1) Development of lifetime prediction model based on the fatigue life tests and finite element analyses

2) Prediction of the fracture of the workpiece material using continuum damage mechanics model

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