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Preform design using artificial intelligence (AI)

Research target: Predict a preform design for increase of lifetime of the forging die and removal of defects of the product

Research content:

1) Preform prediction as design variables

2) Preform prediction as design object

3) Development of the smoothing algorithm for estimated preform

Design and evaluation of structural optimization

Research target: Development of Simulation Model for Optimization of Plastic Processing Process of Bearing M50 Materials 

Research content:

1) Development of M50 material plastic machining window 

2) Development of hot forming process optimization technology based on artificial intelligence and simulation .

Material forming and manufacturing process 

Research target: Development of material molding and manufacturing process technology to improve mechanical properties of core components of reducer 

Research content:

1) Improvement of hat type candidate process analysis model including recrystallization model 

2) A Study on the Analysis Model of Spline Forming Process of Flex Spline 

Process analysis of High-Pressure Die Casting (HPDC)

Research target: Development of vibration insulation products and process technology for hybrid materials for future mobility (PBV) Lightweight Dustproof System for global market entry 

Research content:

1) High Pressure Die Casting process analysis 

2) A study on process management methods using artificial intelligence to predict product defects in advance

Crossmember structure analysis using FEM

Research target: Crossmember structure analysis using FEM

Research content:

1) Crossmember modeling for stress analysis

2) Find and weak part and remodeling


Lifetime Prediction of the hot forging die

Research target: Lifetime prediction of the hot piston forging die

Research content:

1) Development of lifetime prediction model based on the fatigue life tests and finite element analyses

2) Prediction of the fracture of the workpiece material using continuum damage mechanics model

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