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3"Design and numerical evaluation of recycled-carbon-fiber-reinforced polymer/metal hybrid engine cradle concepts"
João Henrique Fonseca, Giyeol Han, Luca Quagliato, Yonghee Kim, Joeun Choi, Taeyeon Keum, Sungeun Kim, Do Suck Han, Naksoo Kim, Hyungyil Lee
International Journal of Mechanical Sciences , 163 , 2019

2"Lifetime prediction of linear slide rails based on surface abrasion and rolling contact fatigue-induced damage"
Dongwook Kim, Luca Quagliato, Donghwi Park, Naksoo Kim
Wear , 2019

1"Manufacturing process and mechanical properties characterization for steel skin – Carbon fiber reinforced polymer core laminate structures"
Luca Quagliato, Changsoon Jang, Naksoo Kim
Composites Structures , Vol.209, pp 1-12 , 2019

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